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Signalling Notices Register for Signalling Notices Project  2005 - 2022
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    The Signalling Notices Register has been developed as a research aid in connection with the Signalling Notices Project of the Signalling Record Society.   The register seeks to list and provide details of all known Signalling Notices issued by British Rail, London Transport, their predecessors and their successors.   It also serves as a searchable database to direct researchers to material relating to particular locations and resignalling schemes.

    The register currently contains 13,206 records numbered in the Signalling Notices series dating from 1865 to the present day, and the whereabouts of 15,325 individual copies of those Notices. A printed (brief details) report of the database runs to over 300 pages of A4 size printed at 8pt.

    Digital scans, and digital photographs of signalling notices are registered for archival and data checking purposes only. The register does not provide direct downloads of any copyright or confidential notices. Copies or information may be made available to individual reasearchers subject to copyright restrictions.

    Access to the register is restricted until such time as publication is authorised.   Contributions and input are invited from all interested parties. If you would like to obtain a login for the register this can be requested through the Contact link.

    Additional field implemented to describe reason for published date of work being deferred.